Thursday, August 11, 2016

Welcome Anton and Courtney to Portland!

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Jesus - A Celebration of Life


Today, we stop and remember the one who was taken, blessed (not broken), and given for us.  It is a day to morn, grieve and remember Jesus.  Last night I participated in a Seder.  The imagery and flavors were a powerful reminder of the Messiah.  The Passover meal pointed us to Jesus.  The Lamb who was taken, blessed and given for us.  The Bread was taken, blessed and given to us.   The Cup was raised (4 times) to remember the one who was taken, blessed and given to us.


Jesus came so that you and I could have life and have it more abundantly.  Today, as we observe Good Friday we mourn the taking of Jesus life.  We grieve that our Lord and Savior, chosen and appointed by the Father, was given as an offering on our behalf - my behalf.  He gave Himself freely so that I could have life - so we could have life - and be restored and reconciled to God.


This Good Friday we mourn and grieve.  But we also remember Jesus.  We remember His life.  Take a moment and remember - celebrating the life of Jesus as it was presented to us in the four Gospel.  What are you celebrating as you stop, pause, and reflect this beautiful life which was put on display for us?

Monday, December 7, 2015

Design Your Church Planting Team Around These 5 Cs

In a previous blog, I referenced a post about never starting a new venture alone.  In starting a new church building a team is critical.  Building the RIGHT team is a non-negotiable.  However, some church planters go at it alone.  I have observed a few reasons why they choose to go this route.  For some, they don't know how to play with others.  For others, they are afraid to let go of their mission, their vision, their values to the collective wisdom of the group.  For still others, it is just easier to lead "themselves" toward the starting of the new church.  Fortunately, their are some planters who are building the right teams around the 5 Cs: Character, Compatibility, Competency, Capacity, and Confidence.

Tim Catchim wrote the following article addressing each of the 5 Cs and building the right team. Enjoy!

Building a Church Planting Team

Monday, November 30, 2015

What is Missing in this Diagram of Leadership Care?


"Watch over YOUR heart....."  The fatal flaw of Leadership care is NOT tending to your concentric circles; it is NOT tending to YOU.  Burnout is the leading cause of many in the clergy leaving the ministry.  Leadership care should first be rooted in a theological rationale of Self-care.  And, this theological hope comes in a SABBATH Rhythm - Rest & Steward. This is the order of creation.  Jesus, however, gives us the proper alignment of our Sabbathing. Jesus is our Sabbath.  Jesus is your REST!  He invites you into his rest.  He invites you into a DAY of rest.   We join our Creator in redeeming creation.  Rest reminds me HE ultimately CARES.  I can trust Him to care for the relationships in this concentric circle.  I can rest trusting HE loves me - not for my doing but for what He had done.  His GRACE gift is sufficient for me and how I see me.  His grace is also sufficient to lead me to care for others.

Jesus also invites you to steward the Gospel story in creation with Father, Son, and Spirit 6 days of the week. He invites you to GOSPEL yourself, to steward your relationship with HIM as servant/friend.  Then, steward these relationships. Gospel these concentric circles of relationship. Sacrificially serve them as Christ served you.  Care for them, but remind yourself God the Father, Son, Spirit cares for them much more than you.  Rest in this.  Steward this responsibility in the shadow of Jesus is my SABBATH.  You and I must tend our soul.  We must tend our relationships.  Ministry is about relationships. First, REST!  Then, steward ALL these relationships!

So, Love God; Love your neighbor; Love your neighbor as you love YOURSELF.  Healthy Leadership Care roots itself in this theological axiom!

WATCH your heart.  Invite others to watch with you.

Grace and Peace!

Monday, November 23, 2015

How Do WE Invest Our Lives Like JESUS Did?

How do you leverage your time, talents, money, energy, relationships, etc for Kingdom influence?  Living into the Kingdom of God will require us to be good stewards of ALL of life in order to live well for HIM.  We have no better model than JESUS.

Mike Breen says this,
As we seek to live as Families on Mission, the way we invest our time, energy, and money directly affects how effective and fruitful we become. It’s a big discipleship issue, and Oikonomics looks at how Jesus did this with his Family on Mission and how we can imitate him in it.
 Check out this resource if you would like to know more:

Monday, November 16, 2015

Keep your Day Job BUT Don't Go at the New Venture ALONE.....

Some great insights in this article on keeping your "paying" job while you launch your new organization/church/business.  I believe you will find the advice practical and helpful.  It won't be easy, so don't kid yourself.  But the stress of providing for yourself and your family can be overwhelming at times.  Take small steps. Trust your instincts.  Trust the Spirit. Set good boundaries.  AND, by all means, don't do it alone.

Read the article here and share your thoughts:

Friday, October 9, 2015

People of the Way

I love that the first followers of Jesus were identified by the person they followed - JESUS!  Today, it is easy to define the new churches starting throughout North America organizationally or by where they meet (building, home , etc.), instead of, the WHO of our movement.

We start new churches not as the end goal.  We start new churches to capture the curiosity of those 'looking on' in the neighborhood so that they may say of us, "those people follow Jesus and they love this neighborhood/community" = people of the Way.   We start new churches in order to help facilitate the work of God's Kingdom into the lives of those who are not yet convinced how much Jesus loves them.  We start new churches to help followers participate in the Kingdom of God - the way, the truth and the life.  Church starting shouldn't be the goal.  Jesus Kingdom is the goal.  New churches should help Jesus followers do life together as part of the Kingdom, for the Kingdom. 

Jesus' Kingdom come and His will be done should be our goal.

As you think about your neighborhood, how will people know you follow Jesus?  How will they know your faith community follows Jesus?  What will make your neighbors say, "they are people of the way"?

Friday, September 11, 2015


In 2013, 33.2% of Portlanders volunteered an average of 39.8 hours/resident. This ranks Portland #6 in large metro cities in North America. And, Millennials in Oregon are volunteering at a higher rate than ever as a age group. It looks like the city with the highest percentage of religious NONES (42%) is engaged in loving their neighbors in a significant way.

If we as disciples of Jesus are going to have an impact on making new disciples among the religious NONES in our metro area, we should look for opportunities to volunteer.

Religious NONES may not come to your worship gathering but they probably will join you in a community service project (or better yet, you should join them in their community service projects).

NONES may not go to a small group Bible study but they would probably come over to your house for dinner.

Making disciples is a "belong to belief" adventure in the Pacific NW.  Take advantage of creating opportunities where you live, where you work, where you play and where you volunteer to come alongside the activity of God in the lives of the religious NONES.

Pray for new disciples which might become a new Church in the neighborhoods throughout the Portland/Vancouver metro.  Consider getting involved in starting a new Church in your neighborhood.  Pray for God to give you a person of peace in your neighborhood, at work, where you play and in the place you volunteer.  This week walk across the street and talk to a neighbor. This week invite a neighbor over for dinner.

Grace and Peace

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Help Support Northwest Baptist to Do These 4 Missionary Needs

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Dear Northwest Ministry Leader,

 Northwest missions began when four Native Americans travelled to St. Louis and requested from the Superintendent of Indian Affairs that missionaries be sent to their people.  The year was 1831 and the man with whom they met was William Clark of the famed “Lewis and Clark Expedition.”  Methodist missionary Jason Lee was the first to arrive, coming in 1834.  He was followed by Presbyterian missionaries Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, and Henry Spalding, who arrived in 1836.  Baptist layman, David Lennox, travelling the Oregon Trail, arrived in 1843, and started the West Union Baptist Church in 1844.  It was the first Baptist church in the West.  Located near Hillsboro, OR, it remains to the present day. 

From this beginning, believers have continued to establish churches and do evangelistic work in the Northwest.  Still, our beautiful land remains one of the great mission fields in North America.  Only four percent attend church on a given Sunday, and the great majority of our neighbors profess no faith in Jesus Christ.

To meet the missionary need of the Northwest, Northwest Baptists (NWBC) are doing more than any other group to do four things.  First, we train more pastors and leaders than any other grouping of churches.  Already, more than 200 pastors and 800 lay leaders having participated in some form of training in 2015.

 Second, we start more churches, with 27 church planters beginning their work in the Northwest in the past 12 months (through June).  Approximately 130 of our 466 churches worship in one of 30 languages other than English.

 Third, no group in the Northwest does Disaster Relief like we are doing through our 660 plus volunteers.  On this very day 60 of our DR volunteers are deployed, providing thousands of meals daily to those who’ve lost their homes in the wildfires, and providing chaplaincy to firefighters and others.

Fourth, evangelism training and resources are provided to every church which requests them.  Next spring we will conduct one-day “listening evangelism” workshops in multiple locations throughout the Northwest, funded in part by the Northwest Impact Offering.

 In addition to your mission giving through the Cooperative Program, a major source of funding for Northwest Missions is the annual Northwest Impact Offering (Sylvia Wilson Offering).  This year’s offering will provide funds for each of the four areas mentioned above.  Materials (prayer guides, posters, bulletin inserts, envelopes) to promote the offering have been sent to each of our churches.  You can also access them through a link on the Northwest Baptist Convention website,

 One new promotional feature this year is videos which focus on the four areas mentioned above.  Links to the videos are on our website, but I’m providing them here so you can take a quick look at them.  They are kept very brief so that you can show them to your church on a Sunday morning:

1.       Church planting:

2.       Leadership:

3.       Evangelism:

4.       Disaster Relief:

Please consider giving your church an opportunity to support Northwest missions through Northwest Impact.  Together, we can have a larger gospel footprint and impact our communities more forcefully in the year to come.  Remember, you are not alone.


Following Christ Together,


Randy Adams



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Randy Adams

Executive Director-Treasurer

Northwest Baptist Convention

1-360-907-0879 (cell)

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Put Your Oxygen Mask on Before Helping Others

Those words sound so selfish....on the surface.  But have profound meaning and significance when you consider the long-term impact for your own self-care and the care of others

Many in the HELPING and MINISTRY profession need to heed the words, "put your mask on first." Implied in this statement is, "you can't help others until you help yourself." You will be unable to care for others unless you care for yourself.

Self-care requires you to care for your physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually self -"put on my mask first"-before I try to minister to the needs of those around me.  You will have to fight for this because by nature you will want to put the oxygen mask on others before you put your own mask on for the day, week, month and year.

I would offer the following encouragement:
1. Start with Sabbath - God has built into creation a natural rhythm for work and rest. Claim it. Enjoy it. Obey it.  It is a grace gift.
2.  Develop a plan to care for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. Start simply.  Set simple achievable goals to help you in each of these areas.  Find a coach to help you if you are having trouble.
3.  Live an INTERESTING LIFE apart from your work, ministry, church, church plant, etc. This is SO IMPORTANT. This can protect you from many unethical situations.

Jesus gave us this simple relational command in the GOSPELS: Love God-with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength-AND love your neighbor as yourself.  You will only see the value of "putting your mask on first" when you see it as the most loving thing you can do to be a "good loving neighbor" and a whole, holy, healthy follower of Jesus.

Grace and Peace

Friday, August 21, 2015

Gospeling the Church

It is so easy as followers of Jesus to speak and write about the ills of a culture separated from Jesus.  Guess what? If a culture is separated from Jesus, it will not act like Jesus.

What is sad is when the church who loves Jesus fails to look and act like Jesus. And, the church says nothing about it because we are too busy pointing the finger at a broken culture separated from Jesus.

I'm praying for a Church who will speak the gospel to itself like Paul spoke the gospel to the believers in Ephesus:

..... Don't go along with the crowd which has led to sexual obsession and perversion
.....take on the God-fashioned life more lies 
..... No more pretense more lying
.....don't use anger for revenge more stealing the way you talk
..... Don't grieve God...this is the most intimate part of your life
.....breakaway from cutting, backbiting, profane talk gentle to one another, sensitive
.....forgive one another as God has forgiven you
..... Watch what God does and do it.
..... Learn a life of love
.....don't let love turn to lust... Sexual promiscuity, filthy practices and bullying greed
..... Discipline your tongue, don't gossip,don't talk dirty our silly...Speak words of thanksgiving
....don't use people or religion for what you can get out of them - usual variations of idolatry
....avoid religious smooth talk and being taken in by such smooth talkers 
....don't drink too much
....etc., etc. (The Message).

Let's recalibrate our efforts as a Church to address our own brokenness. Let's stop "joining the choir" in speaking against a few politically charged cultural sins" and let's speak the gospel to one another. Let's remind one another to be more like Jesus.  Let's do more to look like Jesus in out culture. Then, perhaps they will hear the good news of Jesus from us.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

On-line Portal for Raising Funds for your new Church

Raise money online in an inspiring and professional way with minimal setup. Engage donors via Social Media, and easily embed giving widgets on any website you own.

Friday, July 31, 2015

This is the only way to do discipleship

JESUS way!

JESUS would show people.
JESUS would share stories with people.
JESUS would let people.

Jesus discipled around loving God.
Jesus discipled around loving others.
Jesus disciples around loving self.

What is your definition of making a disciple? Does it look like Jesus way?