Decided Process

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Congratulations! If you are working on this list, it is probable that God has called you to plant a church, and we have agreed to partner with you in this calling. Please do NOT treat this document lightly. It is intended to be a significant guide for you as you move toward planting a church. The items on this list are ideally to be completed BEFORE you ever get to your church planting field. The more you complete before you arrive, the better. Once you are on the field, you will be able to focus more on establishing relationships. Completing as much of the work as possible before arriving on the field, usually allows the planter to conserve financial resources for the more relational components of being with people!

  • If you have not already received one, obtain the Church Planting DVD (CP DVD).

  • Determine church name

    The name should be reflective of your God-given vision for the church. Be careful about limiting your ministry scope too much by giving the church too small of a geographical name (such as Brier Community Church). Field test the name as soon as possible. It is ok to select an initial name in order to begin partnership development with the understanding that it may need to be changed/adjusted based on response from the community where the church is to be planted.

  • Open Designated Account & Set up Online Giving

    Open designated account with the local association in order to begin receiving funds. 

    Talk with your local Catalyst to determine if that is an option in your association.  If it is not available locally, please contact Natalie Hammond for assistance.

    NOTE: The planter’s name or team members’ names should not be printed on the checks. Only the Church Plant’s name.

    Online giving is available to all NW Church Planters.  Contact Natalie for more details.

  • Secure Domain Name

    Secure all available variations of desired web name. (.com, .net, .org, etc.)

  • Develop Prayer Support

    A. Recruit a minimum of 50 people to be on your prayer team. Utilize an invitation letter/email, a covenant, and an e-newsletter to facilitate the process.

    B. Select a smaller “elite” prayer team for most confidential/critical prayer requests.

    C. Consider developing a prayer ministry where members of partner church(es) pray for each household in your community by name.

    D. Be committed to and follow through with strong communication with your prayer team.

  • Attend Basic Training

    Register for and participate in Basic Training at your earliest opportunity.

  • Secure Coach

    Contact your Church Planting Director for help in finding a coach. Establish a covenant relationship with you coach. Sample covenants available on the CP DVD.

  • Potential partner list

    Begin developing and continue to develop a list of potential partners. Churches, individuals, organizations (including conventions, associations, etc.), foundations, businesses, and seminaries (seminaries do not donate to CP’s, but their donors can!)

    • Pray to the Lord of the Harvest
    • Remember: Partnerships are developed through relationships
    • Consider the relationships of your relationships (“friend of a friend” “another pastor connected with your pastor”) 
    • Don’t say no for someone. God will bring the right people. 
    • Establish partnership covenants. Sample covenants are available on the CP DVD.
  • Potential Team Members

    Prayerfully develop a list of potential team members.

    • Find those with a strong servant heart. 
    • Main team members must be able to multiply themselves. 
    • Team members need to fill key roles.
    • Team members should complement the lead planter. 
    • Do not over-promise compensation or position. 
    • Determine if they are to be volunteer, part-time, full-time and if they are to raise some or all of their own support.