Plant With Us

As you prayerfully consider your call to plant a church in the beautiful Northwest, you may be at any one of a number of stages in your journey. Please select the link below that best fits your current status.

DISCOVERY You are seeking God’s call in your life. You want help determining if God is calling you to plant a church.

DISCERNMENT You believe God is calling you to plant a church, but you are wondering if Oregon is the place.

DIRECTION You believe God is calling you to plant a church in our area and you want to start the process.

DECIDED The decision has been made for you to come, and we have decided to partner with you. NOW WHAT?? What steps can you take to prepare for your church plant and your move? Still not sure where to start? Contact us, and let us help!

*Please take a moment to notify us of your interest. Let us know where you are in your process. Please include your contact information in your email. As you progress, feel free to contact  us if you have any questions or comments.